Just for the Heck of It.

I don’t really post here, i guess because nobody reads this one. I like it’s layout though. Another dumb day at work as usually and this week Dr. Easy is chillin at my place while Philip is out of town. He’s living it up in N. Carolina. I am sure he lovin it.

Right now the temperature is hovering around 80° here in the bubble. I think it’s time to go home..

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There We Are

I don’t know why this blogging thing is so difficult to do sometimes. This past weekend I was in Denver at Washington Park for a flip-cup tourney. I was not really in the mood to go. In fact I was down right upset about being there.. I went there with some friends and I think I just did not ask enough questions before going. I was not exactly comfortable with the crowd I was thrust in sharing my afternoon.

I guess it was not my crowd. I know that seems snobbish and/or judgemental but I gave them a chance and I could not find any reason why I would want to hang out with 85% of the people there.

Now don’t get me wrong, I met a few people that I really enjoyed talking too. Oddly enough the people that brought dogs seemed to be the most polite and least self-absorbed.

The flip-cup competition was sort of fun to watch for a little bit. Thankfully I had Jeff and Jitka to share in my misery. I don’t think they were enjoying the company of the former fraternity and sorority members. Thankfully Jitka and I ducked out of there unnoticed.

Writing a Blog

Is a lot harder than it seems. So I figured I would write here to see what all the hype is about…. MEOW